Baldų komplektas Bello Giardino Piccolo rudas

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    2 x kėdės 55x55x95(h) cm/ 1 x stalas 60x60x62(h) cm

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  • Set PICCOLO will be perfect for every garden or porch. Also well suited for the balconies. This set is extremely practical, because a folding table and chairs can be stacked one inside the other. In every free moment you will be able to enjoy the fresh air with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Chairs are made from synthetic rattan, which is a material highly resistant to the damaging effects of weather conditions. Tabletop is made of polywood (material with the appearance of real wood and the durability of synthetic rattan) 2 x chair 55x55x95(h) cm 1 x table 60x60x62(h) cm Colour: black chairs + black table, dark brown chairs + light brown table Material: chairs – synthetic rattan 7-8mm x 1.2 mm, table top – polywood Construction: table - aluminum frame, chairs – steel frame Bello Giardino furniture are perfect for the terraces, the gardens, the porches and every interior spaces. We guarantee that choosing Bello Giardino most of the time you will spend in the garden while enjoying the comfort and esthetics of our furniture.
    Bello Giardino furniture are products for the most demanding customers, who appreciate the comfort, luxury and elegance.

    1. 10 kg 75x62x10cm
    2. 10 kg 57x57x97cm

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