Bokso rinkinys vaikams Everlast Junior 60cm 10kg

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    Kodas: BB 5849
    Kaina 7999
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    Sandėlyje esančių prekių pristatymas: 1-3 darbo dienos.

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     Bokso rinkinys vaikams 

  • Suitable for light practice, the Children’s Boxing Set Everlast Junior 60cm provides children with hours of fun. With this set, your child will learn the basic boxing technique and stance, allowing them to fully enjoy all the punches and kicks. This set will help your child improve their fitness, agility and build their muscles. The durable padding in both the bag and the gloves absorbs shocks, protects joints and thus improves safety of your child. The punching bag comes with a four-point hanger.

    Technical description:

    Perfect accessory for improving one’s fitness
    Shock absorbing padding
    Punching bag comes with four-point hanger
    Glove size: 6oz
    Glove material: synthetic leather
    Punching bag material: nylon
    Punching bag filling material: cut textile
    Punching bag height: 60cm
    Punching bag diameter: 30cm
    Weight: 10kg

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