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    Išmatavimai 210x86x80/38(h)

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  • Exclusive DELICATO is very elegant and comfortable. This bed is made of high quality synthetic rattan. Quite perfect for relaxing in the garden, near the pool or on the beach. The material provides resistance to harmful weather conditions. Synthetic rattan is impervious to wind, rain or frost. Even after years of use the bed retains its original appearance and shape. Absolute comfort! The ideal bed near the pool. Dimensions: 210x86x80/38(h) cm Colour: dark brown Wicker: synthetic rattan 7-8mm x 1,2mm
    Construction: aluminum Mattress is included in price. Thickness of mattress: 10 cm. It has removable cover in ecru colour, made of 100% waterproof material (polyester) which can be washed at low temperatures. Bello Giardino furniture are perfect for the terraces, the gardens, the porches and every interior spaces. We guarantee that choosing Bello Giardino most of the time you will spend in the garden while enjoying the comfort and esthetics of our furniture.
    Bello Giardino furniture are products for the most demanding customers, who appreciate the comfort, luxury and elegance.

    1. 45 kg 212x88x40cm

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