Pripildoma vandeniu bokso kriaušė Aqua Bag Headhunter 24/23 7kg

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     Pripildoma vandeniu bokso kriauš

  • The Water-Filled Punching Bag Aqua Bag Headhunter 7kg is a perfect practice accessory for every boxer, MMA fighter or those who want to improve their fitness. This punching bag is unique in that it is filled with water, which has a lot of advantages. First of all, water-filled punching bags imitate the shape of the human body better than the sand-filled ones, allowing for a more natural practice. Also, water-filled bags absorb punches better, protecting your knuckles during hardest of blows. Last but not least, they are extremely practical – an empty punching bag takes up minimum space and is light enough for easy carrying.

    Its shape makes the Water-Filled Punching Bag Aqua Bag Headhunter ideal for practicing all kinds of kicks and punches. Moreover, its weight (7kg) makes it suitable for intense fitness workouts. It can be easily filled with water. Moreover, the unique valve allows you to inflate it with air, ensuring it has a perfect shape. The valve is well sealed and – together with a durable vinyl cover – allows for a long service life. A water-filled punching bag is perfect for home gyms. One practice with the Water-Filled Punching Bag Aqua Bag Headhunter 7kg, and you will not want to go back to the regular punching bag.

    Technical description:

    Water-filled punching bag
    Excellent absorption of punches
    Knuckle protection
    Imitates shape of human body
    Easy filling and draining (valve)
    Easy to store and carry
    Suitable for fitness workout
    Max weight: 15 lbs. (ca. 7 kg)
    Empty bag weight: 3.5 lbs. (ca. 1.5 kg)
    Diameter: 9” (ca. 23 cm)
    Cover material: vinyl
    Suitable for home use
    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
    Chain is NOT included – we recommend you buy Punching Bag Chain Aqua Bag Hanging Kit

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